Thoughts From Jo Rucinski, Sales Representative

Thursday Aug 24th, 2023


Thoughts From Jo Rucinski
Sales Representative

What's In A Headline
It's easy to get caught up and overwhelmed with Headlines. Stories are often sensational, tragic or terrifying. The media knows how to keep us engaged on our phones, tablets and newspapers. They know bad news sells!

And yet, that's only a part of life. I recently attended a lovely outdoor wedding at Trillium Trails Banquet and Conference Centre in North Oshawa. The Officiant told the story of two people who met in a big box store. The shopper asked for help finding an item. They started talking and an hour later realized there was mutual attraction.

Hmm, so that's why I have trouble finding someone to help me get something from the top shelf!  wink                                                                                            
Real Estate markets and mortgage interest have certainly dominated headlines lately, especially for those with "variable" rates.

People will still need to buy or sell. Banks are working with their clients to arrange new amortization schedules to keep people in their homes. Families are helping out too.

Instead of allowing the media to dominate our thoughts, let's reassess our "spending wants and needs." Develop an Attitude of Gratitude for the important things in life. Find some balance and keep going forward.

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