Today, A Property Must Be Offered At Market Value Or It's Not For Sale!- Thoughts From Judy Stacee-Cleaver

Friday Sep 23rd, 2022


Thoughts From Judy Stacee-Cleaver
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Today, A Property Must Be Offered At Market Value Or It's Not For Sale!

I know we are all wondering what's happening. None of us are sure of anything today. Buyers don't know what price to offer for a house. Meanwhile Sellers are stuck in the past. They expect February's "this year's prices" and activity to come back. It's all about inflation.          Once the Bank of Canada makes their adjustments, and after Covid, who knows what will unfold.                                                                      One thing for sure, everyone wants to come to Canada and housing will be in demand.

This month, people from all over the planet are home watching the funeral of Queen Elizabeth ll. It's amazing how many of us are caught up in her life's story, myself included. Genuine tears and mourning have taken over throughout the world. I can't remember when anyone was admired and loved so deeply.

The Queen outlived many in The Firm, as we have been reminded so notably. That in itself was an accomplishment. Everything she did was carefully orchestrated. But when life happened and the plan changed, not many could have seen the consequences. She was a brave woman.

Once this settles down, it will be interesting to see what happens in the world and in countries closer to home.

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