Back in the Groove- Thoughts from Judy Stacee-Cleaver

Monday Jun 27th, 2022


Getting Back In The Groove

  After the Pandemic, it was time to get back to doing the fun things we used to, but many of us were out of sync and couldn't                       pick up where we had left off.  We are such creatures of habit, even driving back and forth daily to the office seemed strange.                          The roads and drivers seemed different. We were out of tune. I know I was.

 My husband Chris has been a member of the Ontario Nostalgic Drag Racing Club since 2004 and in the summer we would                   attend many races.                                                                                                                                                                                                     After one or two seasons of no racing, things seemed to change. Drivers were not used to the fast pace and high speeds anymore.                  Some had to learn how to drive all over again. The cars were often out of tune, having collected dust from lack of use.                                      The only place members could participate was in front of the TV, watching reruns.

Finally, this year, racing was on! There was the excitement of getting together, swapping stories and hearing the roar of the engines.          The fun was back. Then, on the May 20th weekend, Grand Bend Dragway cancelled the races due to thunder and lightning, rain,              and a possible tornado.  A little rain had never been a problem. We just waited until it stopped and they dried off the track.                              But this was climate change at its best. We were all tuned up with no place to go.

Finally, the following week at St. Thomas Raceway, the competitors were back in their cars. Well, most of them. Many had break downs. Some even flipped their cars. But that won't stop the racers. After all, the need for speed is in their blood and they will persevere.

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