First Time We Missed Our Celebration

Thursday Feb 18th, 2021


For more than 20 years, MinCom New Choice Realty has presented their annual awards at a luncheon celebrating Chinese New Year. As an office we gathered, mingling with each other and getting caught up in the highlights of each other's lives.

Not only was the food great, the predictions for the New Year and the personalized predictions for the animal each person represented were a lot of innnocent fun.

The Pandemic has certainly put an end to that.

Yes we have the ability to invite a hundred people to a Zoom meeting, but it wouldn't be the same. Sure we'd be able to see the faces of those we're speaking with, but the aromas from Paul Wong's Restaurant and the Mandarin's elaborate buffet can't be duplicated. Nor can we watch the lucky gold fish swimming in their ponds as we enter the premises.

This is the Year of the Metal Ox, a year different from the last...and we have 15 days to celebrate.

We must improvise and not let the pandemic take everything from us. So on with the show!

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