Mincom New Choice Realty Open House

Friday Dec 20th, 2019


Naughty or Nice....which list were you on?!

The Egg Nog was flowing, the Christmas music was playing as the Residents of 92 Church St. S. were invited down to our office to say hello, partake of some of Anna Stinson's homemade Shortbread, enjoy a cup of cheer and leave with a poinsettia. Our building has a wonderful group of people, very community oriented and willing to help out a neighbour. Micheline is an amazing baker and repaid our kindness with some of her own yummy treats!

Funny story about them poinsettias...Mincom Jo set out to buy 25 plants, on a day so windy the rain was blowing sideways!! After packing them in my car, and struggling mightly to bring them into the office, they plants were so exhausted that they all started wilting the next day. What to do now....we had residents coming for the Open House and no plants. Home Depot had some lovely looking plants, so after taking the other ones back, Mincom Jo and Judy headed off to Home Depot and found some great plants, some of which are still thriving!  

Next year.....maybe some Mistletoe?!  ;)


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