Thoughts From Judy Stacee-Cleaver, Broker of Record, FRI,ABR,ASA

Thursday Nov 16th, 2023


Thoughts From Judy Stacee-Cleaver
Broker of Record, FRI, ABR, ASA

Hard To Know What To Say Anymore!                                                                                                                                                                                          
Everyone has an opinion, just listen to the news.
It's very sad what is happening in some parts of the world, yet people are still traveling, taking holidays and loving life. People are back going to concerts and sports games, and taking their children to the pumpkin patch to pick out their Jack-o'-lantern for Halloween.
We're the envy of the world! That's why many people want to live and work here.

All one has to do is look at other parts of the world to see, and know, that we will survive. This is our country, so let's appreciate what we have and continue to grow.

Some economists are predicting higher bank rates, while others are seeing lower house prices staying until inflation flattens out. It's hard to know what will happen in the housing market, but for sure, more homes are coming on the market



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