Where Did the Year Go???

Wednesday Jan 20th, 2021


If anyone had told me the world would be held ransom by a controlling Virus , I would have said no way. The world leaders, as a group, were able to orchestrate almost complete control of their people within a nine-month period. People all over the world have been left confused, lost and some without hope. Hope is the key here!

Fake news has not helped either. It has only fueled the controversies and conspiracies, not to mention the trust in all our nations' leaders.

Seems like only a few control the masses and we have little choice but to place our faith in them.
I believe if we think bad or negative thoughts, bad or negative things will happen.
So, I've decided this is my new motto for 2021:

Be Happy (even if you have to act it).
Do your Best...because everyone you come in contact with deserves it.
Be Grateful and appreciate all that you have.
Enjoy Life to the fullest and you will inspire others.
This is our first pandemic Christmas/Holiday Season, and I know everyone will open their hearts to family and friends. 
But there are those outside our bubble that do need Hope. Let everyone else in the world know that there will be a better tomorrow. 

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Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays! See you in 2021.

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